Navigating Assault and Battery Charges in Long Island

Facing assault and battery charges can be a distressing experience, often stemming from a physical altercation that escalated beyond control. Recognized as a violent crime, the implications of such charges are far-reaching, potentially affecting your freedom, employment, and living situation. More than just a legal challenge, these cases often arise from heightened emotions, pushing individuals to a breaking point where violence feels like the only recourse.

Self-Defense or Aggressor: Understanding Your Position

It’s not uncommon to find yourself facing charges even when you believe you were defending yourself. The distinction between being an aggressor and acting in self-defense is crucial in assault and battery cases. Regardless of your stance, securing a robust defense is essential to mitigate the consequences of a potential conviction. At Russo & Pedranghelu, we specialize in crafting defenses that protect your interests, aiming to reduce or completely dismiss the charges against you.

Expert Legal Representation for Your Case

Our team of skilled attorneys approaches each case with the precision and sensitivity it deserves, striving to clear your name from assault and battery charges. While absolute absolution may not always be possible, our collaborative efforts with prosecuting attorneys can lead to reduced charges and lighter penalties, facilitating a smoother path forward in your life.

A Compassionate Approach for Repeat Offenders

For individuals facing repeated charges, it’s possible that underlying issues such as the need for anger management or other treatments are contributing factors. At Russo & Pedranghelu, we view these situations not just as legal challenges but as opportunities to provide meaningful assistance. Recommending treatments and supporting you through them can significantly bolster your case, presenting you in a positive light to the court and offering a chance for rehabilitation.

Your Advocates in Assault and Battery Defense

Assault and battery charges can wrongly label you as an aggressor when you were merely protecting yourself, your loved ones, or your property. With years of experience in handling such cases across Long Island, including communities in Nassau County, Suffolk County, Queens, and Brooklyn, our law firm is committed to achieving the best possible outcomes for our clients. Contact Russo & Pedranghelu today to schedule your free initial consultation, and let us stand by your side in defending your rights.

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I was overwhelmed with paper work, insurance companies, and doctor visits. The lawyers at Russo & Pedranghelu handled my families personal injury case after they were in an auto accident. They walked with me through this difficult time and got us a successful outcome.

– Erik

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