Don’t Face Burglary, Theft, and Robbery Charges Alone

Being charged with burglary, theft, or robbery can place you in a precarious legal situation, necessitating the support of adept legal professionals. While these terms are often used interchangeably, each carries its distinct legal definition and implications.

More Than Just Unlawful Entry

Burglary is characterized by the illegal entry into a building or property, which might involve as little as opening an unlocked door without permission or as much as forcibly breaking in. The definition extends to any act of entering with the intent to commit an offense, even without physical entry of the entire body—reaching through an open window to take something qualifies as burglary.

Theft, in its essence, is the act of taking someone else’s property without the intention of returning it. This can occur without any force or violence; the mere act of depriving the rightful owner of their property constitutes theft. It can also involve scenarios where initial permission is given for the use of property, but the item is not returned as agreed, leading to charges of theft.

Robbery distinguishes itself by involving force or the threat of force in the act of taking property. This can range from physical violence to the mere threat of violence to gain access to or control over someone else’s property. Robbery is intrinsically linked to both the act of theft and the additional element of force or coercion.

Choose Russo & Pedranghelu for Your Defense

When facing charges of burglary, theft, or robbery, the nuanced understanding and experienced representation of Russo & Pedranghelu become indispensable. Often, what begins as a misunderstanding or a dispute between acquaintances can escalate, leading to serious legal repercussions. Our seasoned legal team, backed by decades of experience in defending such cases across Long Island and beyond, is poised to ensure you receive the most favorable outcome possible.

Don’t Navigate These Charges Alone

The complexity of these charges and the significant consequences they carry demand professional legal guidance. With Russo & Pedranghelu, you gain not only a defender in court but a trusted advisor to navigate the intricacies of your case. Contact us today to schedule your free initial consultation, where we’ll discuss your situation and explore the best course of action for your defense.

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I was overwhelmed with paper work, insurance companies, and doctor visits. The lawyers at Russo & Pedranghelu handled my families personal injury case after they were in an auto accident. They walked with me through this difficult time and got us a successful outcome.

– Erik

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